Grupo Etra, free recharges to COVID19 heroes with electric vehicles

Grupo Etra, free recharges to COVID19 heroes with electric vehicles


Through its GIC company, with the taxi drivers, delivery people, health personnel who are contributing their grain of sand against the pandemic

GRUPOETRA, market leader in the installation and management of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, has decided, through its company GIC, to offer free recharging of electric vehicles for users who are helping to overcome the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, taxi drivers, delivery drivers, healthcare personnel and, in general, professionals who are contributing their grain of sand to the solidarity mobility generated by this pandemic, will have free recharges in the fast charging equipment managed by the company.

At times like this, when people like the members of these groups demonstrate their strength, courage and resolve, it is only fair to thank them for all this positive energy. And GRUPOETRA does so by supporting them in the recharging of their sustainable vehicles, so that their solidarity services do not stop.

To do this, users who can benefit from the initiative will only have to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their name and physical or virtual card number, as indicated in the app of the company Gestión Inteligente de Cargas, S.L., in order to manage the free rate during this health emergency period.

In these challenging times, technology and solidarity will be the key to overcome the pandemic.


Grupo Etra, free recharges to COVID19 heroes with electric vehicles


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